The Streets of Tokyo.

The Streets of Tokyo. A photo by Jürgen Bürgin on A Visual Zine.

„Tokyo is a crowded and vital city, full of people, with a huge variety of subcultures. My idea of Tokyo, before I visited it, was influenced by pictures of crowded subways, by street crossings full of thousands of people. And indeed it was. But I was astonished to find those quiet and peaceful places too. I tried to shoot street scenes that represent solitude, togetherness, silence, relaxation, joy, love. And I tried to capture a tiny section of some of those millions of untold stories in the ‘stream of life’ of the people of Tokyo. Some of those people I only saw for seconds, but ideally my photos evoke stories in the mind of the beholders, about who those people could be, about what they did that night or day when I photographed them, about their lives, if they are lucky or if they are despaired.”

Jürgen Bürgin,

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