FOTODOKS, home office edition.

Fotodoks, Munich, 2021. —

Munich based international photography festival FOTODOKS will take place online in 2021 – but as well on site (Lothringer13 Halle) – everyone is hopeful, that the declining number of Covid infections will make this possible. FOTODOKS takes place every two years, and this year’s edition will carry the title “A house is a house is a house”. Well, maybe we feel a little despair in the choice of this title, as our houses, our flats are the one place that some of us maybe started to hate during this pandemic – even if they loved it before. I see bored photographers taking photos of their TV sets, their children, their beds etc. I see clichés of pandemic photography (like all those photos of empty streets I’ve seen to many of already). I see photographers that try to catch every glimpse of light entering their living room windows.

But there’s hope: The creativity of the chosen photographers and the spirit of the curators and organizers of the festival should prevent us from being confronted with boring photographs. The photographers of the big group show in Munich will be: Emine Akbaba (Germany), Dannielle Bowman (USA), Cyprien Clément-Delmas & Lindokuhle Sobekwa (France, South Africa), Buck Ellison (USA), Nanna Heitmann (Germany, Russia), Sohrab Hura (Indien), Jochen Lempert (Germany), Noelle Mason (USA), Drew Nikonowicz (USA), Now You See Me Moria (Spain, Afghanistan, Syria), Arzu Sandal (Germany) and Henk Wildschut (NL).

During the 5-day festival, a series of supporting events in a lively and personal atmosphere will offer lectures, artist talks and panel discussions with the exhibiting photographers, other experts and dialogue partners.

The exhibition can be seen beyond the festival period and is accompanied by regular guided tours. The independent festival is curated collectively by photographers and aims to look at a broader field of positions in documentary photography and the environments it illuminates.

The Festival is organized by Frank Bauer, Sima Dehgani, Dominik Gigler, Lisa Hörterer, Verena Kathrein, Tanja Kernweiss, Nadine Loes and Jakob Schmitt.

June 7th to July 4th, 2021

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