HOME at The Museum of the City of New York

Home. At the Museum of the City of New York.

Until August 27, 2023 the Museum of the City of New York at the Upper East Side shows the is group photography exhibition HOME. It’s inspired by the Museum’s landmark presentation of the same name in 2000, this series will occur every three years and engage different themes and issues of the contemporary city.

The first installment examines the idea of “Home.” At its most practical, “Home” refers to the literal places we dwell. Yet it can also stand for family, or the communities of which we choose to be a part. This vital and complex concept arises in often surprising ways in our urban context, from highly personal experiences to debates over public policy. This exhibition aims to look at how artists have responded to and interpreted these issues.

In recent years, the city has struggled to reckon not only with the ongoing dynamics of economic and racial inequality but also with massive challenges unleashed by the COVID-19 crisis. This exhibition includes photography and video work made over the past several years that creatively documents and interprets this changing cityscape and the disparate responses and experiences of New Yorkers, straddling the stories of the city before, during, and after the pandemic.

The selected work encompasses a variety of perspectives—as diverse as the city itself—and consider a range of picture making approaches. From the personal and intimate to the monumental and collective, the photographs in this exhibition invites viewers to see the city they thought they knew through fresh perspectives. [Exhibition text]

HOME is a beautiful personal series about the relation of New Yorkers to the city as their home. For me one of the great discoveries is Irina Rozovsky’s about Prospect Park in Brooklyn from the years 2011-2013. It shows life of the park as if it’s in any rural areas in the world, no buildings, only a few people enjoying the nature of the park.

Gail Albert Halaban opens the view into the flats of the New Yorkers, with the photo collage of the series „Out My Window“. The image shown at the museum is called ‚Valentines, East 10th Street, Greenwich Village, New York, 2022″. We are transformed into mild voyeurs, getting an exciting look into flats of people from this city.

Naima Green presents Pursuit, 2019, portraits of New Yorkers as playing cards – or collecting cards? A beautiful series of portraits, mostly of women, a beautiful, exciting series.

Neil Kramer discovers somehow funny, somehow strange views into the time of the Covid-19 pandemic with his series ‚Quarantine in Queens‘.

HOME is touching, emotional, a brilliant collection, a must see at our New York visit at this beautiful museum. Sean Corcoran and Thea Quiray Tagle did a fantastic job discovering and curating this wonderful photography collection.

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