Livin‘ in the hood – New York Street Life 1990 & 2013/2014 by Jörg Rubbert and Jürgen Bürgin at Kettler Verlag

Livin’ in the Hood chronicles the personal New York adventures of the two photographers Jürgen Bürgin and Jörg Rubbert. It leads the reader on a visual journey back in time to the years 1990 and 2013/14. This book of photographs documents defining events and reports on inspiring encounters from a city that transformed itself during that era. The volume not only showcases pictures taken by the two street photographers but also shares personal anecdotes and stories as well as additional texts and information.

Taken as a whole, it affords the reader the privilege of diving into the reality of life in New York in the years 1990 and 2013/14. It conveys an impression of the “look and feel” of New York in those years and draws comparisons to the social and political changes of the time.

Info: Authors: Jörg Rubbert & Jürgen Bürgin | Hardcover, 352 pages | 23,3 x 29,0cm, en | 978-3-98741-073-4 | August 2023 | 45,00 €

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