DREISSIG. (c) déjá-vu film

Director Simona Kostova
With Övünç Güvenisik, Pascal Houdus, Raha Emami Khansari, Kara Schröder

The writer Övünç wakes up in his spartan apartment in the morning. During the day he meets with a friend in a pub on Sonnenallee, Berlin-Neukölln. It’s Övünç’s birthday and he complains that he would have to write. His friends want to celebrate with him and they are preparing a birthday surprise for him, but the present for him only consists of an empty box. Övünç is very disappointed. Finally they set out and roam Neukölln nightlife together. They never stay in one place for long. They dance, drink, argue, take a taxi. Finally they drive to the district Wedding. We were part of their life for 24 hours.
Simona Kostova accompanies young people from Neukölln in their early 30s at night in long, calm shots. She does not comment, she does not judge, there are no decisive twists and turns. And indeed it’s not easy to tell an extensiv synopsis of the movie. The camera only observes or it prompts the viewer to observe. This actually creates a pull if the viewer is ready to get involved with the everyday accompaniment, which is poor in action. We need to be curious. „Dreissig“ is Simona Kostova’s first feature film. She moved from Sofia to Berlin in 2009 and started to study Directing in Berlin. She’s part of the movie collective „Demnächst auf Video“.

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