A first look at Berlinale 2023: Five films from the GENERATION and PANORAMA sections

INSIDE. By Vasilis Katsoupis | with Willem Dafoe. Greece / Germany / Belgium 2023. Berlinale 2023.

A few days ago, Berlinale announced its first films for the 2023 edition, from the GENERATION and PANORAMA sections. Here are my TOP 5:

Director: Sofía Auza
With Juan Daniel García Treviño, Rocío de la Mañana
USA/Mexico 2023
Generation 14plus

When Momo, Hugo and his cactus, Adolfo, meet one night, they are heading in opposite directions. Their peculiar encounter will not only magically change the course of their lives, but also encourage them to warmly embrace the beauty of the unexpected.

Director: Jenna Hasse
With Clarisse Moussa, Esin Demircan, Marc Oosterhoff
Switzerland 2023
Generation Kplus

When teenager Margaux bonds with seven year old Juliette and a local fisherman, her summer holidays turn upside down. An unusual friendship, where Margaux experiences tenderness and play and discovers a new way to understand herself.

Director: Martín Benchimol
With Justina Olivo, Alexia Olivo
Argentina/France 2023

The inheritance from her former boss is a poisoned chalice for Indigenous housekeeper Justina: a huge, derelict mansion in the back of beyond. Justina’s daughter Alexia would much prefer to return to Buenos Aires and work as a car mechanic. A dark fairy tale.

Director: Negin Ahmadi
Iran/Norway/France 2023
Generation 14plus

Driven by the desire to understand her inner truth as a marginalised woman in Iran, Negin Ahmadi embarks on a self-exploring precarious adventure to meet the Kurdish women fighters in the war zone of North Syria.

Director: Vasilis Katsoupis
With Willem Dafoe
Greece / Germany / Belgium 2023
Panorama 2023

After a robbery goes wrong, art thief Nemo finds himself trapped in a swanky New York penthouse. Locked in by the high-end security system and surrounded by nothing but priceless works of art, he must fight to survive.

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